FUNDECODES AND KUEMAR have made an alliance to manage funds to give continuity to the investigations that began in 1994, by two Costa Rican biologists together with other conservationists.

A permanent research and monitoring project has been established that studies the biology of sea turtles on nesting beaches in the North Pacific of Costa Rica. His field assistants patrol the beaches every night in search of turtles, to collect data and protect the nests.

It is a project that is maintained throughout the year and one of its objectives is to generate the necessary technical and scientific information that contributes to decision-making for the management and conservation of sea turtles and their critical habitats in the North Pacific of Costa Rica. , as well as the development of activities for the protection of nests and community extension. 






KUEMAR Organization Elizabeth Velez, Aida Gete, Daniel Cortés y Kevin Sinclair


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