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Natural Resources Management Plan of the Tempisque Conservation Area (ACT)


In the Tempisque Conservation Area, nine Protected Wild Areas of four different management categories presented low scores in the indicators of management effectiveness in the field of natural and cultural resources: Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve, Nicolás Wessberg Absolute Natural Reserve, Parque Las Baulas National Marine Park, Diriá National Park, Barra Honda National Park, Iguanita National Wildlife Refuge, Cipancí National Wildlife Refuge, Mata Redonda National Wildlife Refuge and Corral de Piedra Wetland (Figure 1), for which reason it was considered carry out an initial diagnosis that will provide information on the natural resource management needs in each of these ASPs, to later create a plan that articulates the information on the natural resources that is protected and used in these protected areas and thus achieve management more efficient and consolidated.



Illustration 1. Location of the nine Protected Wild Areas contemplated for the ACT Natural Resources Management Plan.



Activities and schedule of the natural resource management needs of the Protected Wild Areas of the Tempisque Conservation Area.


The strategic planning of the ACT’s protected areas is a fundamental step to define the direction that the ASPs will take to meet their long-term management objectives and goals, through a specific natural resource management plan that systematically allows evaluate and monitor the progress of the established activities and thus achieve the objectives set.

In this sense, and from a workshop with officials from the ASPs and the ACT ASP Management (Figure 2), strategic lines and objectives were established for each of the management needs, with their respective activities, achievement indicators, schedule, budget and key personnel required to meet the goals for a 10-year horizon.


Illustration 2. Workshop on the strategic development of the Specific Natural Resources Management Plans of the Tempisque Conservation Area


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